Andriod Gaming


Development of own Android Games through users friendly software


  • Computer Animation and Game Development students will have an understanding of critical and aesthetic issues in computer graphics and mixed-media.
  • They will be able to effectively use technical, conceptual and critical abilities, and appropriate technology tools.
  • We want our students to have great game development skills so they know how to create unique and creative game apps that are played and liked by many people.

    Course Progression:

    Levels Content Duration
    1 Gaming Concepts

    Introduction of various terms: sprites, character animations, object behavior, events and more.

    Logic based programming including loops, variables and event conditions.

    Making 2D platform games..


    3 Months

          12 Classes

    1 class per week

    2 Advance gamming concepts

    Troubleshooting for errors

    Multi Level games

    4 Months

    12 Classes

    1 class per week

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